Get to Know an Adventurer #2: Flor Adajar- The Indoor Person turned Outdoor Addict

By: Trail Adventours | August 26th, 2014 05:08 AM

Get to Know an Adventurer #2: Flor Adajar- The Indoor Person turned Outdoor Addict

Trail Adventours Intern Camz Rosales shares her story of Flor Adajar who she met on the Trails

Flor is probably the hiker that I got close to the most during my first climb. Although we were the last ones to climb down the mountain, we were able to share a lot of stories along the way. She amusingly told me the story of her first hike – she got leg cramps on the climb up to the mountain and the guides had to pull her up to the summit. She said it was a really unforgettable first climb because she was very careful with every step she took. After a few more hikes however, she now faces the trails head on without any hint of hesitation and doubt.

Flor’s liking for mountaineering all started because ‘climbing a mountain’ was an item on her bucket list. She admits to not being an outdoor person however she found hiking to be challenging and fun, so she decided to give it another try when her friend invited her for a hike. Soon after, Flor was hiking almost once every month. When asked why the sudden change from checking an item off her bucket list to developing mountaineering as a hobby, she said, “Though it’s tiring, being with nature is relaxing for me, and it’s a good escape from the busy life in the city.” For Flor, hiking provided not only an escape but as well as an opportunity to explore new things and it brought her out of comfort zone. She says she has gained so much from climbing - the experience and from the people she meets on the trails. “Hiking is a good exercise, a good way to commune with nature, and a good way to meet new friends.”

Being an indoor person, Flor also proudly considers mountain climbing as an achievement. “Pwede ding isama ang bragging rights?” (“Can I also include bragging rights?”) she jokes. “Most of the time, people are amazed when they find out I’m into hiking. I think my ‘death defying stunt’ pictures on the mountain have more likes than my selfies. Haha!”
Flor has been with Trail Adventours for almost a year, and has gone on more than ten hikes with TA. “My first hike was actually with Trail Adventours. I invited my friend to climb with me when I saw that she had gone hiking around a year before. I really wanted to climb because of my bucket list, but didn’t have any idea how to make it happen. It’s a good thing my friend introduced me to Trail Ad.” Flor shares that she appreciates the hassle-free process of booking with Trail Adventours and enjoys the companies of the Trail Adventours guides. She relates how the guides each have interesting stories about their hikes and how they always make the participants’ safety a priority as can be said during her first hike.

Recently, Flor  transferred companies which made her schedule now stricter, allowing for less hikes, however she makes it a point to still be able to hike once every few months. More than the feeling of accomplishment for checking that one thing off her bucket list, Flor gained more than she expected as hiking opened her doors to new experiences and friends that have certainly been life changing. 



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