Adventure Logbook #1 : Of Death Defying Feats

By: Trail Adventours | November 19th, 2013 01:54 AM

Adventure Logbook #1 : Of Death Defying Feats

written by Darren Mangado

While in the spirit of adventure, two adventure guides Bianca and Coby, along with a friend Jo, tested and called forth the power of the Pacific waves (even though the waves actually comes from the Visayan sea) not knowing the consequence of their summoning and- it must be said- their overdose of courage. The waves seemed dormant from afar, as it safely crashed on the elevated rocky landscape of Biri Island, off the coast of Samar. As the 3 stooges approached the waves closer (for what reason I can only imagine) they finally decided to stop at about 10 meters from the cliff drop-off. Bianca decided to play safe by lying on the ground with both hands grabbing on a slit of the flat rocky formation, while the other two had a warrior standing pose ready to face the pressure of the waves current.  A rough estimate of the size of the waves that suddenly came from 2 different angles, must have been 30 feet high from the sea level that had to reach up the cliff and the remaining tip of the wave that passed through must have been only 5 feet but the intensity was not foreseen. It was so ferocious that even their local travel companion, standing at about 20 meters away was swept off his feet (painstakingly landing on his elbows to save the cameras he was holding) and another sleeping travel guide Darren, woke up, stood in shock as his friends spun wildly from one cascading level to another. To his account no one screamed and everyone was laughing after the mini tidal wave dissipated. Bianca and Jo recalled finding it fun for the first few seconds but after the 3rd second, it was of serious survival thinking. Slide with your feet first, keep your head up, keep your hands up near your face with palms facing out (in the event you come crashing head first on a rock, it should minimize chances of loosing your teeth), use elbows or heels to break. They covered a good 30 meters in 12 seconds.

“I can’t believe we are all smiling in the face of death!”- Bianca remarked after standing up. That’s because no one lost a tooth. Burst of laughter resounded on the eerie walls of the mystical island. Wounded, battered and bruised they head back to refuge but not in defeated spirit. It had suddenly become a trip everyone would remember. This is the spirit of adventure of our adventure guides, although we highly do not recommend this experience to be repeated. Biri is still biri worth it. -B.



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