Adventure Logbook #2.0: Of Epic Adventures

By: Trail Adventours | November 19th, 2013 01:51 AM

Adventure Logbook #2.0: Of Epic Adventures

Back in 2009 nine companions set out on an epic journey to cover 5 major mountains around the Visayan region in the span of 12 days. The trip starts with Gideon, Julian and Chelo hiking up Osmena Peak (Cebu) and later on joined by the rest of the team, who has never met each other, in Bacolod. A very odd fit of hikers composed this trip. Teddy who was just 18 years old accompanied by his sister Lalaine, now a contestant in a TV reality show, Chelo a member from the UP mountaineers, Julian and Gideon who are hikiing enthusiast and med students, and now Trail Adventours guides;  Coby, Guido, Ace and Bianca.

Who would have ever thought that longstanding friendships could develop in the span of 12 days. The mountains covered were Osmena Peak, Mt. Kanlaon, Mt. Talinis, Pan de Azucar and Mt. Madjaas. Time was used wisely and astonishingly, there was plenty of it to spare for leisure. The first destination with the complete team was Mt. Kanlaon. A highly temperamental mountain that has aborted hikers from pursuing the peak due to its erratic volcanic activity. Mt. Kanlaon can be considered as the Mecca of hiking destinations in the Philippines. The various terrain alone will distract you from fatigue and the summit will definitely take any hikers breath away. It’s truly Majestic and being at the mouth of the crater there is an undeniable sense of awe mixed with fear of the power of this volcano. Of course any great mountain deserved fine dining, Bianca cooked up a delicious carbonara meal and topped it off with red wine.

Early the next day, as they opened their tents situated at the Margaha Valley, also considered as the old crater, perfect weather blessed them as the sun’s rays highlighted the unique ridges around the valley. Rejuvenating everyone for the hike back and the many more hikes that awaited. Exhaustion is not something everyone would feel after hiking this rather difficult mountain. A sensory feast for any hiker. Little did they know that the following trips would involve sleeping on buses without breaks, scam rides, thorny forest and a lot more humor filled backpacking adventures.



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