Adventure Guides Logbook #4: On Adventure

By: Trail Adventours | November 19th, 2013 01:35 AM

Adventure Guides Logbook #4: On Adventure

What is adventure? We are in the business of creating adventures but what is it really all about? I would like to think that adventure isn’t found in the places nor is it found in the people, we are in a constant search of what is outside of our doors, hoping to gain some insights or maybe just to get out of our head of control and expectations, and see if something out there, something of mystery can mirror to us what is already there.

Adventure is really a perception of how we go about in our trips. When we travel in an adventurous spirit, we are open to the many surprises that challenge our usual way of thinking, one cannot put on one’s hiking shoes and not expect it to come home all tattered, soiled, stinky and occasionally sole-less. It is in the hope of roughing it as much as possible, so that we too can see the limits and realize that we can handle far greater challenges that we could even conceive.

I remember there was a group who had questioned why we still hike even if there is some rain fall happening, well because this is my belief; adventure isn’t as well tailored as we always expect it to be, even if they are planned well, they always, yes always, turn out to be challenging. It was pouring hard one night up mt. pulag and the tents, no matter how rain proof they were, gathered the cold fog in and created a mini-terrarium of moist that collected and trickled down to the dry sleeping mats. No one thought they could sleep, they were right. Groggy and hoping the 3am call would happen sooner, it was only at the end of the trip did they realize what an amazing feat to have been soaked to the bones, surprised at the capability of the human body to withstand the temperature, wind and rain, and come home with a story worth telling.

It doesn’t have to be the ‘off beaten path’ to call yourself an adventourer, traveler, etc. Availing for the trips we have tailored has enough room for anyone to create their own style of adventure. The company trail ad, was founded on the belief that everyone, yes everyone has that spirit in them, and what we present is the opportunity to come home with a story.

I had just gone for a hike with a guy named G from Lithuania and we had set off from Bontoc to hike to the Maligcong terraces. Being experienced enough through the many challenging hikes we have had, there wasn’t much fear of how to handle any situation if we were to not arrive in our desired location, Maiinit hot springs. With no guides and just a smile on our face, we just asked and made lots of gut intuitions, pleaded with the universe for mercy and after much stubbornness, arrived. Recalling from this trip, it isvery essential to have someone who has the spirit of adventure. Thankfully our guides in Trail Ad has exactly that, no one really boasts of it, we don’t know adventure, we are adventure, by testament of the scars in our bodies and the smiles on our faces, despite pitching up tents with half frozen fingers, it only takes one jolly adventurous spirit to brighten up and infect a crowd.

The rewards are always internal, social and sometimes spiritual. It is in taking on such opportunities that travel most often gives, that creates stories, and an open line for connecting with nature or with people. All this connections lead back to how we handle ourselves, how we motivate ourselves and sometimes, when necessary, others.

Adventure…isn’t really out there, but it gives us a chance to see ourselves clearer, of how truly our spirits soar by the challenges we create for them. It isn’t in the knowing, it is really in the being. With that said, i hope everyone has enjoyed their adventures with us, as we have greatly enjoyed being part of their stories. More adventures are opening up, meaning more mountains, and we hope we can yet again take this opportunity to share another adventure. – B



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