Adventure Week Review #4: Mt. Makiling & Batad

By: Trail Adventours | November 19th, 2013 08:12 PM

Adventure Week Review #4: Mt. Makiling & Batad

It’s another road to Life’s Adventure. Last weekend we had trips to the majestic Batad rice terraces in Banaue and the first of our Mt. Makiling climb with Walk with Rizal.

Our National hero Dr. Jose Rizal, who hails in Calamba, grew under the shadow of Mt. Makiling and said to have drawn sketches of this mountain. Last Saturday the team of 10 climbers led by Osep and Joel braved the trails of Mt. Makiling undaunted by its blood leaches (limatik), muddy terrain and the mystery that surrounds it. As the team started their trek and entered its mossy forest the number of “limatiks” multiplied ten folds and was coming from literally everywhere. This didn’t stop them however to reach peak 2 and was welcomed by its abundance of flora and fauna.

The adventure on the other hand was suddenly greeted by rains that made the descent even more challenging as they paved their way to the mud spring and back to the jump off point. “It was a complete adventure- rain, mud,limatiks, long hike and an aching body!” as stated by Neri Nama, one of the climbers, on the Mt. Makiling adventure.

Up north at the mean time was a journey back to history as the team of 12 travelled to Batad, Banaue with Adventure Guides Coby, Darren and Bianca. The famous Banaue Rice Terraces was their first stop followed by the visiting of the Banaue Museum. This gave the whole team the opportunity to learn and grasp the knowledge on how the culture and tradition of the Ifugao is.

As they trekked down and arrived to the secluded village of Batad they were greeted by the greatness of the amphitheatre like rice terraces.

The experience was complimented by the Ramon’s Home Stay lodges that are local huts used by kadangyans, or the elite. The local huts are definitely a living art of the indigenous. Before the group retreated on these genuine huts they had the chance to try “nganga” or betel nut and were able to observe how “Tapuy” or rice wine was made. In addition to this, the group also met a “Mambuki” or traditional Ifugao witch doctor and was very lucky to witness a ritual pertaining to the harvesting of rice. The next day they trekked their way to the Tappiyah Waterfalls where they had to pass by the majestic rice terraces of Batad.

The adventure however did not stop here. As the trip was about to end, and as the group prepare themselves for Manila news of multiple landslides reached the team and that it was impossible for all buses to pass thru the highway thus, leaving everyone to spend another night in Banaue. This however, instead of complaining and getting miserable, did not let the lively spirit of the group down and accepted the situation in a much matured manner. “Getting stranded may be a really bad thing but if you are surrounded by awesome people the wait is worth it” as stated by one of the Adventourers.

Every time we travel and go out on an ad adventure detours and barriers are inevitable along the way. Our planned itinerary may not fall exactly on how we want it, an emergency may need you to change your plans to as big as losing your wallet and even your passport. But what matters really is how we handle the whole situation.  For this weekend’s trip limatiks, strong rains and slippery trails, landslides and a stranded venture are all but compliments of the universe that makes a trip even more worth remembering. This is our road, another road to Life’s Adventure.



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