Adventure Week Review#7 Batad

By: Trail Adventours | November 19th, 2013 07:39 PM

Adventure Week Review#7 Batad

It was if the adventure was meant to be as after days of raining in the Ifugao province the skies opened up exactly on the day of our arrival. This probably was a good omen for our weekend adventure to Batad. Last week 9 adventurous souls together with 2 very eager adventure guides headed for Batad, home of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Rice Terraces. It was an interesting mix of people and one could say was an interenational adventure as more than half of the participants were from outside the Philippines. Participants were from India, England, Korea, Polland and of course the Philippines. Though from different parts of the globe a mutual desire for the outdoors bonded the group and soon stories were being shared, jokes being cracked and pictures being taken.

Internation Adventure Group Photo  [:)]

After a heavy breakfast it was off to visit the Banue view decks in which the grand scale of the Rice Terraces of Banaue can be seen. In one of the view decks the view that can be seen on the old 1000 peso bill can be seen. Visiting the Banaue Muesum gave everyone an interesting glimpse of the interesting and intricate culture of the Ifugaos. You can say that it was an amazing overview for the foreigners and a proud moment for the Filipinos. With our tour of Banaue done we headed for Banaue.

Almost everyone decided to travel via top load and after a scenic and bumpy ride we arrived at the saddle point. The group made quick work of the downhill trek arriving at the Simon’s Inn just 30 minutes after beginning our trek. The group had lunch, settled down and for the rest of the afternoon chilled, rested, walked around town, enjoyed the magnificent view of the Batad terraces, reflected on the greatness of creation, watched a rice wine making demo and bonded. In the evening after dinner the group bonded even more as an early birthday celebration of one of our participants, Kring, was done over a few beers and a lot of stories of travels and adventures, picture taking and joking around.

The next day the group woke up early and after breakfast was raring to trek to the Tappiyah Falls. Again the group was fast and despite stopping by the Batad main village and taking lots of pictures the group was at the falls in an hour. There was a moment of silence as the group gazed at the powerful Tapiyyah Falls but after everyone was taking pictures with a handful braving the cold water for a swim. The water was higher and stronger than usual but this did not hinder the group from enjoying. With reminders and warnings given, life buoy

Tappiyah Falls. Dare to swim?

within the adventure guides reach and under the watchful eye of the local guide the participants were soon jumping from nearby cliffs.

The same when we headed for Batad almost everyone was traveling on top of the jeep on our way back to Banaue. One participant

actually chose to run from Batad to Banaue which he did in good time. Over dinner we continued the birthday celebration singing happy birthday over her birthday cake (which was a pancake), complete with a candle (not the birthday type though) and Tapuy (rice wine). It was a perfect ending for our Batad-Banaue Adventure.



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