Casiguran, Aurora: 1 Book-Toy Library Project

Climb with a Cause


FUN AT Casiguran, Aurora: 1 Book-Toy Library Project

Trail Difficulty: 3/10

Adventure Duration: 2 day/s

Situated just 2 hours from the surf waves of Baler is Casiguran is the raw, rugged and untamed municipality of Casiguran. This hidden spot is a perfect getaway for adventure seekers looking for a beautiful destination minus the hoard of tourist. Casiguran boasts the same Pacific surf waters as Baler but with  coves and  coastlines littered with amazing rock formations making it ideal for coastal trekking. Aside from this, Casiguran sits at the foot of the famed Sierra Madre Mountain Range and therefore is a location of numerous waterfalls and lush tropical forests in which rare birds and mammals still inhabit.
But a visit to Casiguran is not just about exploring a hidden gem but also about giving back. Aside from having an adventure we are invited to visit and help out it’s local communities and help build their Children’s Toy and Book Library. The sweat and effort in bringing these toys and books are not wasted because of the thought of the happiness and benefit these will bring to kids who have very few books and toys. Every book and toy we bring is a small but nonetheless significant gift and investment for a child’s future.
We invite everyone to donate your children’s toys and books and join this adventure with a cause. Together let’s bring happiness and joy to children. An Adventure with a cause!


Day 1
08:30 PM Meet up at McDonald's El Pueblo (Friday)
09:00 PM Depart for Casiguran, Aurora
06:00 AM ETA Casiguran, Aurora. Have breakfast and rest for a while at Parish
08:00 AM Leave for Brgy. Coso Brgy. Hall for Orientation and Registration
08:45 AM Arrive at Brgy. Hall. Register and Orientation
09:00 PM Start Trek.
02:00 PM Book and Toy Distribution and Program. Story telling and play time with the kids.
07:00 PM Dinner and Socials
10:00 PM Lights Out
Day 2
04:45 AM Wake-up call
05:00 AM Trek to Hidden Beach to catch the sunrise
05:30 AM Arrive at Hidden Beach. Watch Sunrise
06:30 AM Explore Beach and boulder at rock formations. Breakfast and Ihaw-ihaw lunch at the beach.
12:00 PM Head Back to School
01:00 PM Arrive at School.Pack up and start trek back to Brgy. Hall
03:00 PM Arrive at Brgy. Head to Parish to wash-up.
06:00 PM Head back to Manila. Have dinner along the way
02:00 AM ETA Manila (Monday)



Round Trip Transportation via private van: Manila-Casiguran
Meals (Day 1 B,L,D, and Day 2 B,L)
Entrance Fees and Donations
School Accomodations Fee
?Trail Adventours Adventure Guide/Coordinator
Local Guide Fees
Trail Adventours ID





Please email for any inquries and booking.

Clothes good enough for the hike
Sleeping Bag
Swim Wear
Insect Repelant
Eating Utensils
Deposit slip and Balance
Extra Plastic bags
Book and Toy Donations

You can download our waiver here.
Waiver (PDF)

Meet-up and Getting There

1. Where is Casiguran, Aurora?
Casiguran is located in the province of Aurora. It is around 360km Northeast of Manila.

2. How do we get there?How long doe is take to get there?
We take a private van that can fir 9 passengers. Travel time on average is 8 hours but may take longer if weather and road conditions are bad.

3. What transportation will be used?
We will be using a Toyota HiAce Grandia that comfortable seats 9 passengers.

4. Can I bring my own vehicle?
Yes you can just as long as you arrive at the meet-up point on time. We do not encourage this though because of the long and tiring drive and the ugly road conditions close to Casiguran.

5. Where is the meet up point?
Meet up point is usually at McDonald's ElPueblo in Julia Vargas St. Ortigas. Though since this is a small group a different meet-up point can be decided for convinience. 

6. How do I know who my Adventure Guides are?
Aside from your Adventure Guides reaching you via your mobile phones your Adventure Guides will be in Trail Adventours shirts with a big "Adventure Guide" printed at the back of their shirts. It may also help to ask people dressed as hikers gathered in certain area of the meet-up point.

The Hike and Destination

1. Is this hike ideal for beginners?
Yes it. The hikes itself will be very manegable. Most of this adventure will be used to distirbute books and toys and interact with the community. Though one should be aware that the hike will still involve long walks.

2. How difficult is the hike?
The hike itself is very manegable with very little actual climbing and more of coastal and dirt road hiking.

3. I heard that there are locations in the Philippines with insurgencies, is Mt. Batolusong safe?
Though there is conflict because on land use between the provincial government and the local inhabitants the area is safe and peacefull.

4. Where will we be staying?
You will stay either at a school or via a simple homestay with one of the locals. These accommodations are very simple therefore make sure you have a sleeping bag with you.

5. Are there restrooms/toilets on the mountain
There are restrooms in the school or homestay you will be housed but during the hike itself there are no restrooms/toilets.

6. Is there mobile signal in the area?
Mobile signal is very weak and sporadic in the area. Very few places have clear mobile signal.

7. Are there porters I can hire who can bring my bag?
Yes, but a porter might seem unecessary given the small amount of things you will bring.

8. Is it hot/cold in the place? How hot/cold does it get?
During the days the area is quite hot and humid especially in the coastal area you will trek. But during the night the sea brings cool breezes in which temperatures can hit around 20 deg C.


Destination Date Remaining Slot(s) Status

No schedule(s) available.

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