Mt. Dulang-Dulang to Mt. Kitanglad traverse

One of the major traverse climbs in Mindanao!


FUN AT Mt. Dulang-Dulang to Mt. Kitanglad traverse

Trail Difficulty: 8/10

Adventure Duration: 5 day/s

Mt. Dulang-Dulang, in Bukidnon, is the second-highest mountain in the Philippines and is home of one of the most beautiful and richest forest in the country. The mountain has its mystical aura because of its luscious trails of pine trees, grassland and a dense jungle home to the Talaandig tribe who guards the mountain because it is sacred to them. Mt. Kitanglad which is also in Bukidnon is the fourth highest mountain in the country and its invigorating forest is rich in biodiversity.

On your climb, remember to show respect to the Talaandigtribesfolk.The Mt. Dulang-Dulang – Mt. Kitanglad traverse takes you to deeper into the Kitanglad traverse of the mountain range.
The Mt.Dulang-Dulang to Mt.Kitanglad traverse is a home to a variety of fauna and flora, some of  which are endangered such as the bird locally called  “tusing” which is endemic.The Philippine Serpent Eagle and the Philippine Sparrow Hawk find refuge in the large uninhabited part of the mountain range. It is one of the most challenging climbs in the country.
As two of the highest mountains of the Philippines, the stunning scenery and mystical location of Mts. Dulang-Dulang and Kitanglad  make them stand out among the other mountains in the Kitanglad range.


Day 1
05:00 AM Breakfast. Travel from CDO to malaybalay, bukidnon.
12:30 PM ETA Malaybalay. Lunch. Registration for the whole group. Depart to Lantapan.
03:30 PM ETA CDO. Free Time
Day 2
05:00 AM Breakfast. Final preparation for the trek.
06:00 AM Start trek.
04:00 PM ETA Manny's Garden. Set up camp.
05:00 AM Option to visit the summit
Day 3
06:00 AM Wake up call. Breakfast.
07:00 AM Start summit assault.
08:00 AM ETA Summit. Start traverse.
05:00 PM ETA Summit of Mt. Kitanglad. Camp.
Day 4
06:00 AM Wake up call. Mountain viewing session.
08:00 AM Start descent.
03:00 PM ETA Sitio Intavas.
05:00 PM Depart for Malay-balay
Day 5
09:00 AM Travel back to cdo. Lunch along the way.
03:30 PM ETA CDO. Free Time
10:24 PM Fly back to Manila



Van: Malaybalay to Mt. Dulang-Dulang
Van: Mt. Kitanglad to Malaybalay
Processing of permits
1 night accomodation at the foot of Mt. Dulang-Dulang
All registration fees, DENR fees, and other applicable fees
Logistics for ritual of the Talaandig tribe
Adventure Guide/Coordinator
Local Guide
Certificate of Conquest
Trail AdvenTours ID
Trail AdvenTours Shirt

*Camp meals will be prepared as a group 




Please email for any inquries and booking.

a.     Clothes for whole hike
b.     Jacket (at least two layers)
c.     Sun, rain and cold protection (Sun Block, raincoat, gloves etc..)
d.     Sleeping bag and Mat
e.     Headlamp/ Torch
f.      Toiletries
g.     Personal Medicines
h.     Slippers/ Sandals
i.      Tupperware for packed lunch
j.     Snacks/ Trail food
k.    Trekking pole (advisable)


a.    Cooking equipment (Stove, cookset, butane, etc.)
b.    Tent 


You can download our waiver here.
Waiver (PDF)

1. How do we get there?
We will be flying to Cagayan de Oro terminal. From here, we will take a ride to Malaybalay before heading to the jump off point of Mt.Dulang-Dulang. 

2. Is the climb ideal for beginners?
No. One must have sufficient experience and knowledge in hiking before doing this traverse. This is one of the major hikes in Mindanao with a difficulty of 8/10, 10 being the hardest. 

3. What meals will be served? 
Since we will be preparing this as a group, camp meals will be discussed during our preparation climb meeting. 

4. I wish to go to Cagayan de Oro days before the climb. Will this be okay?
Yes. Just be in Bukidnon before 12:00 NN on the climb date. We will be coordinating with you further. 

A preparation climb meeting will be held weeks before the cevent to discuss everything regarding the climb.


Destination Date Remaining Slot(s) Status
Mt. Dulang-Dulang to Mt. Kitanglad traverse Apr 06,2019 - Apr 10,2019 17 Active

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