Mt. Maculot


FUN AT Mt. Maculot

Trail Difficulty: 4/10

Adventure Duration: 1 day/s

One of the most popular day-trip and summer destinations, Mt. Maculot is located at the heart of Batangas. Easily identifiable for its terminating east side, which forms a cliff that offers great challenge for rock climbing enthusiasts, it is considered a landmark for locals and travelers.

The mountain has three destinations: Rockies, the summit, and the Grotto, all of which can be covered by a traverse day-hike. The Rockies is the most popular among the three for it stands beside the world-famous Taal Lake. Most climbers head to the Rockies and only 5% of hikers trek the traverse.

Experienced climbers can reach the Rockies in less than an hour, but at a relaxed pace, it could take up to two or three hours. Since Mt. Maculot is a famous hiking destination, it is not surprising to find a lot of hikers, especially during


Day 1
01:30 AM Registration and Meet up at McDonald El Pueblo, Ortigas
02:00 AM Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) for Cuenca, Batangas, Mt. Maculot jump-off point
04:00 AM Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Mt. Maculot jump-off point. Last minute packing and orientation
05:00 AM Start Trek
07:00 AM ETA at Camp Site. Rest. Start trek to rockies.
07:30 AM ETA rockies. Explore the rockies.
08:30 AM Start descent back to campsite and head to summit.
10:30 AM Summit.
11:30 AM Start descent.
02:00 PM ETA Jump off point. Wash up. Lunch.
04:00 PM Head back to Manila.
08:00 PM ETA Manila.



Round trip private vehicle: Manila - Batangas
Registration fees, DENR fees and other applicable fees 
Adventure Guide/ Coordinator
Processing of permits 
Snacks/Merienda at the jump off point. 
Trail Adventours ID 
Local Guide

*Lunch is not included.



10-12 people:  Php 1,800.00/person
8-9 people:      Php 2,000.00/person
6-7 people:      Php 2,600.00/person
5 people:         Php 2,800.00/person
Less than 4 people: Php 13,000.00


Please email for any inquries and booking.
  • Clothes good enough for the trip (for changing after the hike)
  • A good pair of trekking shoes
  • Rain and Sun Protection (Sun block, shades, rain coat etc.)
  • Head Light
  • Water or rehydration fluids
  • Snack/ Trail Food
  • Lunch
  • Trekking Pole
  • Toiletries (tissue, wet wipes, tooth brush etc.)
  • Camera
  • Personal medications
  • Slippers
  • Deposit slip and remaining balance
  • Waiver
  • Book donation (optional. This is for our 1 Book Project. We prefer books for elementary students) 
You can download our waiver here.
Waiver (PDF)

1. Where is Mt. Maculot? How long to get there?
Mt. Maculot is in Cuenca, Batangas. The drive takes around 2 hours passing through the South Luzon Expressway and STAR Toll.

2. Is the climb hard?
Hard is subjective. The large part of the trails are steep (around 40-60 deg) but the climb is quite short. Branches and roots can be used to help one climb the trails.

3. Are there restrooms?
Last decent restroom will be at the jump off point. We can take a bath here after the hike. 

4. Mt. Maculot just opened the summit to hikers. Do we reach the summit? 
Previously hikers just reach the rockies, the highlight of the trip. For our team however we have crafted an itinerary that gives you the option to reach the summit if time permits. 

Destination Date Remaining Slot(s) Status
Mt. Maculot Apr 07,2019 14 Active

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