Maragondon Range: Walk with Bonifacio

El Supremo and his final steps


FUN AT Maragondon Range: Walk with Bonifacio

Trail Difficulty: 2/10

Adventure Duration: 1 day/s

A trail in Maragondon is like a walk through Philippine history. More than the adventure that you will get from trekking and climbing, Maragondon Range will give you the opportunity to get a glimpse of the  final moments of one of the most known Philippine heroes, Andres Bonifacio. Maragondon Range is comprised of the two most controversial mountains in Cavite as far as Bonifacio’s life is concerned -- Mt. Buntis and Mt. Nagpatong.
Mt. Buntis, according to the locals, is called such because the mountain is shaped like a pregnant woman -- with Mt. Buntis forming the belly and Mt. Pico de Loro and Mt. Palay Palay forming the face. Rising only for about over a hundred meters above sea level, mountaineers consider Mt. Buntis as a hill more than a mountain. But despite its height, Mt. Buntis is surprisingly forested, biodiverse and graced with occasional presence of wild birds and monkeys. Aside from the flora and fauna present in the mountain, you can also get a nice view of the Mariveles range at the summit of Mt. Buntis. Mt. Nagpatong, on the other hand, is a home to Bonifacio Shrine that has just been recently established. Fortunately, the shrine can be accessed by any type of vehicle that is capable to pass through rough roads. The name of the mountain was taken after a rock that is on top of the mountain, locals say. Both mountains claim to be the exeuction site of the Katipunan's Supremo, Andres Bonifacio.
With less difficulty compared to other mountains in the proximity in Cavite, Mt. Buntis and Mt. Nagpatong are truly must tries most especially if you enjoy having a walk over history. Share life outdoors with us, Trail Adventours.


Day 1
03:30 AM Meet up and Registration at McDonald's El Pueblo, Ortigas.
04:00 AM Depart for Maragondon, Cavite.
06:30 AM Estimated Timeof Arrival (ETA) Mt. Buntis jump-off point. Orientation.
07:00 AM Start trek.
09:00 AM ETA Summit and View deck.
10:00 AM Start descent.
12:00 PM Arrive back at jump off point. Have lunch and explore Maragondon Church and Bonifacio Trail Site.
01:30 PM Proceed to Mt. Nagpatong jump off point.
01:45 PM Arrive at Mt. Nagpatong jump-off point. Start Trek.
02:30 PM Arrive at Mt. Nagpatong Bonifacio Execution Site. Picture Taking and discussion on Bonifacio.
03:30 PM Head back to jump-off point.
04:15 PM Arrive back at jump-off point. Wash up and depart for Manila.
07:30 PM ETA Manila.



Roundtrip private vehicle: Manila-Maragondon
Registration, entrance and DENR fees
Adventure Guide/Coordinator
Local Guide
Trail AdvenTours ID


10-12 people:  Php 2,000.00/person
8-9 people:      Php 2,200.00/person
6-7 people:      Php 2,400.00/person
5 people:         Php 3,100.00/person
Less than 4 people: Php 15,000.00


Please email for any inquries and booking.
  • Deposit slip and remaining balance
  • A good pair of trekking shoes
  • Sun and Rain Protection (Sun Block, rain coat, shades, cap etc..)
  • Water or rehydration fluids(prescribed is 2L)
  • Extra clothes
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Personal Medications
  • Snacks (Trail Food) 
  • Headlamp/ Flashlight
  • Extra plastic
  • Camera 
You can download our waiver here.
Waiver (PDF)

1. How hard is the climb?

Both climbs are generaly easy and ideal for first time climbers. There is a single stepp incline that takes around 20 minutes to cover. Adding to the challenges will be the possibly muddy trails when it rains.

2. What will be served during lunch?

The local restaurant specializes in fried chicken.Aside from this a vegetable dish will be served as well. Let us know if you have any dietary requirements so that we can prepare for it. 

3. What if I only want to climb one mountain?

This is fine but the rate will remain the same. You will also have to wait for the group to finish.

Both climbs are easy. The firs mountain has only a single 15 minute incline the rest of the trails are flat.

Destination Date Remaining Slot(s) Status
Maragondon Range: Walk with Bonifacio Mar 30,2019 13 Active

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