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Bakun Trio
Mt. Amuyao traverse
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Mt. Bulusan
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            [PostID] => 253
            [Title] => Cleopatra's Needle 
            [Content] => At 1,593 meters above sea level, Cleopatra’s Needle (named after a natural stone obelisk that is visible from its summit) is the highest mountain in Puerto Princesa City, and the third tallest in Palawan. But this mountain is famous not for its stature, but for its spectacular view of the rest of Palawan Island.

At the start of the three to four-day trek, hikers will need to cross the Tanabag river several times; however, the guides from the local Batak tribe have an intimate knowledge of the river, and can pinpoint the best places to cross. There is also an opportunity to visit the Batak village, where one can marvel at the Pulang Bato section of the river.

After the river, the trail to the summit is straightforward and well-established. During this phase, hikers can take in the astonishing array of flora and fauna that Palawan is known for. Of course, the view from the summit is the crowning glory of the entire climb. With clear skies, you can get an almost 360-degree panorama of Palawan: Mt. Victoria to the south, Mt. Kapoas to the north, and the Puerto Princesa City proper to the southeast.

Did you know?
The Batak tribe, the indigenous inhabitants of Cleopatra’s Needle, has a dwindling population of less than 200. Ecotourism activities such as mountain climbing provide a sustainable source of livelihood for its members. [Summary] => [Template] => basic [Tag] => [Status] => 1 [Type] => post [Class] => [Order] => 0 [Category] => 8 [Parent] => [Slug] => cleopatras-needle [SeperateLinks] => 1 [PostListPosition] => [ShowPost] => 0 [NumberOfPost] => 0 [Editable] => 1 [sponsor] => [Navigation] => 0 [SocialShare] => 0 [SocialShareIcons] => [MetaRobotIndex] => 1 [MetaRobotFollow] => 1 [Sitemap] => 0 [SitemapPrior] => 60 [MetaRobotAdvanced] => [DateTimeModified] => 2017-01-30 10:14:47 [DateTimeCreated] => 2015-07-27 05:46:43 [frontend_slider] => 4 [snippet] => [featured_image] => 243de65b9e50acd304f2263d2d201b3e.jpg [hike_count] => 1 ) [1] => stdClass Object ( [localTrekDistance] => [elevation] => [elevationGain] => [trailDifficulty] => 4 [NumberofDays] => 1 [badgeType] => Dayhike Club [location] => Palawan [PostID] => 249 [Title] => Mt. Bahile [Content] => For an easy day-hike that promises fantastic views of Palawan, Mt. Bahile is the mountain to trek. Close to the airport and just thirty kilometers away from the Puerto Princesa City proper, it is ideal for beginners who want an exhilarating adventure, as well as a view of the island’s rich flora and fauna.

The trail consists of flat woodlands that lead into ultramafic forests – a rare forest type characterized by its dark soil and the unique species of plants that spring from it. Along the way, hikers will see interesting wildlife, such as eagles, woodpeckers, and hummingbirds. And climbing higher will give them a stunning view of Honda Bay and its surrounding islands.

Although the trek is relatively easy, rattan thorns growing on and around the pathwill prove to be a challenge; however, hikers are sure to be rewarded with a stunning view at the summit – Honda bay to the east, Ulugan Bay to the west, and Cleopatra’s Needle, the monarch of Puerto Princesa’s peaks, to the north. Hikers will also get a glimpse of Palawan Island at its most slender, with only a few kilometers of land separating the Sulu Sea from the West Philippine Sea.

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The word 'Bahile' comes from the Spanish 'baile' (dance) because it used to be a place where festivals were held by the indigenous Tagbanua people. [Summary] => [Template] => basic [Tag] => [Status] => 1 [Type] => post [Class] => [Order] => 0 [Category] => 8 [Parent] => [Slug] => mt-bahile [SeperateLinks] => 1 [PostListPosition] => [ShowPost] => 0 [NumberOfPost] => 0 [Editable] => 1 [sponsor] => [Navigation] => 0 [SocialShare] => 0 [SocialShareIcons] => [MetaRobotIndex] => 1 [MetaRobotFollow] => 1 [Sitemap] => 0 [SitemapPrior] => 60 [MetaRobotAdvanced] => [DateTimeModified] => 2016-12-14 17:35:03 [DateTimeCreated] => 2015-07-27 04:21:03 [frontend_slider] => 4 [snippet] => [featured_image] => eb6d1352f9342d5379d147c8ff143bac.jpg [hike_count] => 2 ) [2] => stdClass Object ( [localTrekDistance] => [elevation] => [elevationGain] => [trailDifficulty] => 4 [NumberofDays] => 1 [badgeType] => Dayhike Club [location] => [PostID] => 250 [Title] => Mt. Beaufort [Content] => With its unexplored mountains and forests, Palawan island is known as the country’s last ecological frontier. At the gateway of this frontier stands Mt. Beaufort at 1,148 meters above sea level, shrouded in a dense canopy of green.

Although it is an hour away from the Puerto Princesa City proper, the mountain seems almost untouched by civilization, offering a relatively new trail for beginner and veteran hikers alike. Getting to the foot of the mountain is an adventure in itself, requiring hikers to traverse narrow trails and streams on a motorbike.

The climb is moderately challenging, but the ascent can be completed within a day. It begins with gentle slopes that get progressively steeper towards the summit. This can make for a difficult descent, especially in poor weather conditions.

At the top, you can get a breathtaking view of the city and its surrounding bays, as well as other peaks dotting the landscape. But the highlight of Mt. Beaufort is its vibrant ecosystem. Enjoy the overhead forest cover, the insects buzzing with activity, snakes slithering across the jungle floor, and birds flitting from tree to tree. All in all, Mt. Beaufort offers a great trekking experience that immerses hikers in the rich beauty of Palawan.

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Out of the 67 animal species that are endemic (or unique) to the Philippines, 42 can only be found in Palawan. [Summary] => [Template] => basic [Tag] => [Status] => 1 [Type] => post [Class] => [Order] => 0 [Category] => 8 [Parent] => [Slug] => mt-beaufort [SeperateLinks] => 1 [PostListPosition] => [ShowPost] => 0 [NumberOfPost] => 0 [Editable] => 1 [sponsor] => [Navigation] => 0 [SocialShare] => 0 [SocialShareIcons] => [MetaRobotIndex] => 1 [MetaRobotFollow] => 1 [Sitemap] => 0 [SitemapPrior] => 60 [MetaRobotAdvanced] => [DateTimeModified] => 2016-12-14 18:11:44 [DateTimeCreated] => 2015-07-27 04:35:31 [frontend_slider] => 4 [snippet] => [featured_image] => 39938e7ccb9765b56782ec8814852f01.jpg [hike_count] => 1 ) [3] => stdClass Object ( [localTrekDistance] => [elevation] => [elevationGain] => [trailDifficulty] => 3 [NumberofDays] => 1 [badgeType] => Dayhike Club [location] => Sabang, Palawan [PostID] => 251 [Title] => Mt. Bloomfield [Content] => Located near the famed Puerto Princesa Underground River, Mt. Bloomfield is a must-climb for mountaineers visiting one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The mountain has the unique distinction of sitting within a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts of magnificent views to match.

Most of the trail is composed of ultramafic rocks which can be slippery at times, although the surrounding trees offer enough handholds. Along the way, hikers pass through streams, forests, and a waterfall that come alive during the rainy season. Throughout the climb, hikers are also treated to a wonderful bird’s-eye view of the beaches below.

Just below the summit is Eagle’s Ridge, which offers a stunning sight of nearby Mt. St. Paul, beneath which the underground river lies. On a clear day, one can even see all the way to the mountains in the northern reaches of Palawan Island. The entire trail, with its moderate difficulty, can be completed in less than a day. It is definitely the perfect way to cap off a two-day visit to Sabang beach and the Underground River.

Did you know?
The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is one of three UNESCO natural World Heritage Sites in the Philippines. The other two are Mt. Hamiguitan in Davao Oriental, and the Tubbataha Reefs in the Sulu Sea. [Summary] => [Template] => basic [Tag] => [Status] => 1 [Type] => post [Class] => [Order] => 0 [Category] => 8 [Parent] => [Slug] => mt-bloomfield [SeperateLinks] => 1 [PostListPosition] => [ShowPost] => 0 [NumberOfPost] => 0 [Editable] => 1 [sponsor] => [Navigation] => 0 [SocialShare] => 0 [SocialShareIcons] => [MetaRobotIndex] => 1 [MetaRobotFollow] => 1 [Sitemap] => 0 [SitemapPrior] => 60 [MetaRobotAdvanced] => [DateTimeModified] => 2016-12-14 18:14:56 [DateTimeCreated] => 2015-07-27 04:52:15 [frontend_slider] => 4 [snippet] => [featured_image] => 578ba66f22c94cff5346027991029efc.jpg [hike_count] => 1 ) [4] => stdClass Object ( [localTrekDistance] => [elevation] => 424+ masl [elevationGain] => [trailDifficulty] => 4 [NumberofDays] => 1 [badgeType] => Dayhike Club [location] => Montalban, Rizal [PostID] => 255 [Title] => Mt. Hapunang Banoi [Content] => Known for its Limestone formation and picturesque views of Sierra Madre and Rizal, Hapunang Banoi is one of the many mountains in Rizal that must be hiked.

Compared to its neighboring mountains such as Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Ayaas, Mt. Hapunang Banoi can be more difficult but the challenge will keep you hyped and going. If lucky, one might even catch a glimpse of eagles at the peak.
After enjoying the hike, one can make a side trip to Wawa Dam or also known as Montalban Dam and refresh oneself by taking a dip or buy some food within the area. [Summary] => [Template] => basic [Tag] => [Status] => 1 [Type] => post [Class] => [Order] => 0 [Category] => 8 [Parent] => [Slug] => mt-hapunang-banoi [SeperateLinks] => 1 [PostListPosition] => [ShowPost] => 0 [NumberOfPost] => 0 [Editable] => 1 [sponsor] => [Navigation] => 0 [SocialShare] => 0 [SocialShareIcons] => [MetaRobotIndex] => 1 [MetaRobotFollow] => 1 [Sitemap] => 0 [SitemapPrior] => 60 [MetaRobotAdvanced] => [DateTimeModified] => 2016-12-14 18:33:52 [DateTimeCreated] => 2015-08-04 12:02:57 [frontend_slider] => 4 [snippet] => [featured_image] => 65e1057b5103b40d1595c8e6f0eaf707.jpg [hike_count] => 6 ) [5] => stdClass Object ( [localTrekDistance] => [elevation] => 1846 masl [elevationGain] => [trailDifficulty] => 4 [NumberofDays] => 1 [badgeType] => Dayhike Club [location] => Itogon, Benguet [PostID] => 264 [Title] => Mt. Ulap [Content] => If you want to try a day hike away from Manila’s heat, Mt. Ulap will suit you well. Situated in Itogan, Benguet, this mountain is known for its scenic view of the Cordilleras while trekking the grassland and pine tree ridges.  If lucky with good weather, one can even see Mt. Arayat, Mt. Ugo and Mt. Pulag.

 There are 3 peaks in this destination. First is Ambanao Paoay Peak where hikers are welcomed with Pine trees and occasional crows. Second is Gungal peak which is popular for the big Gungal Rock were taking photos is a must. Third is Mt. Ulap with a height of 1,846 masl.

On your way down, 3 Pong-Ol burial caves of the local’s ancestors can be visited. Sacred to the locals, Pong-Ol are venues where the Igorots practice their canao or feast.  [Summary] => [Template] => basic [Tag] => [Status] => 1 [Type] => post [Class] => [Order] => 0 [Category] => 8 [Parent] => [Slug] => mt-ulap [SeperateLinks] => 1 [PostListPosition] => [ShowPost] => 0 [NumberOfPost] => 0 [Editable] => 1 [sponsor] => [Navigation] => 0 [SocialShare] => 0 [SocialShareIcons] => [MetaRobotIndex] => 1 [MetaRobotFollow] => 1 [Sitemap] => 0 [SitemapPrior] => 60 [MetaRobotAdvanced] => [DateTimeModified] => 2017-02-20 08:23:13 [DateTimeCreated] => 2016-02-04 03:10:52 [frontend_slider] => 4 [snippet] => [featured_image] => d6807b1af41c803f6edef22cb82ef66f.jpg [hike_count] => 6 ) [6] => stdClass Object ( [localTrekDistance] => [elevation] => 1726 masl [elevationGain] => [trailDifficulty] => 8 [NumberofDays] => 4 [badgeType] => Trek Adventours [location] => Narra, Palawan [PostID] => 252 [Title] => Mt. Victoria [Content] => Mount Victoria in Narra, Palawan, is one of the “last frontiers for Philippine mountaineering.” Standing at 1,726 meters above sea level, it is the second tallest mountain in Palawan. It remains relatively unscaled and unexplored, and is home to a variety of plants and animals that can only be found on its slopes.

Climbing the mountain can be difficult, even for veteran hikers, as the trail involves several river crossings and a few near-vertical rock faces. All told, an expedition to the summit requires a minimum of three days.

But the adventure and sense of exploration that Mount Victoria inspires makes up for the challenge. The mountain has at least two peaks that can be scaled, and a few others that have yet to be traversed. There are plenty of opportunities to sight wild boars and other creatures, as well as exotic flora, such as the famous rat-eating pitcher plant. As it is home to the Tagbanua tribe, a trek up the mountain also offers a chance to interact with the native community.

A journey up Mount Victoria is a dream come true for any would-be explorer, full of unique plants and animals, and new trails just waiting to be discovered.

Did you know?
Discovered in 2007, the giant carnivorous pitcher plant (nepehenthes attenboroughii) is endemic to Mount Victoria and is said to be as big as a man’s arm. [Summary] => [Template] => basic [Tag] => [Status] => 1 [Type] => post [Class] => [Order] => 0 [Category] => 8 [Parent] => [Slug] => mt-victoria [SeperateLinks] => 1 [PostListPosition] => [ShowPost] => 0 [NumberOfPost] => 0 [Editable] => 1 [sponsor] => [Navigation] => 0 [SocialShare] => 0 [SocialShareIcons] => [MetaRobotIndex] => 1 [MetaRobotFollow] => 1 [Sitemap] => 0 [SitemapPrior] => 60 [MetaRobotAdvanced] => [DateTimeModified] => 2017-01-30 10:51:10 [DateTimeCreated] => 2015-07-27 05:37:45 [frontend_slider] => 4 [snippet] => One of the “last frontiers for Philippine mountaineering" and the second highest mountain in Palawan. [featured_image] => f170bad18c845f2f4eebb2b4e09c61db.jpg [hike_count] => 1 ) )
Cleopatra's Needle
Mt. Bahile
Mt. Beaufort
Mt. Bloomfield
Mt. Hapunang Banoi
Mt. Ulap

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