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Hike the Philippine Mountains and Beyond!

Explore the special trails of these mountains and reach their summits

Hike the Philippine Mountains and Beyond!

Explore the special trails of these mountains and reach their summits

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Your Trail Adventours Family

Whether it be hiking to Mt. Pinatubo, watching the sunrise from atop Mt. Pulag, summiting Mt. Apo, or caving in Sagada, any adventure will surely be an amazing experience with the Trail Adventours Family! Our trips help everyone discover him(her)self and build new relationships and connections, not only with fellow climbers, but with the places we visit and the people who live there.

Let Trail Adventours guide you around the country, revealing to you both the popular and secret gems of the Philippine outdoors.

More than just getting you higher and farther, we get you deeper into the experience. We connect you with the locals and their culture. Our trips are not just about, say, trekking to Batad or viewing the Banaue Rice Terraces; They're not just about reaching the summit of Mt. Ugo, Mt. Mayon, or Mt. Pico de Loro, they're also about relaxing and enjoying a chat with the locals over coffee. Explore the forests of Mt. Kalawitan or the crater of Taal Volcano and then go dancing with the locals, listening to their stories and sharing their jokes.

Trail Adventours believes that each adventure is a chance to leave Footprints That Make a Difference

We try our best to leave a positive impact in every destination we visit by helping the local community, practicing ethical climbing, and educating everyone about environmental and cultural appreciation and conservation. So come SHARE the mountain-climbing and outdoor experience, enjoy LIFE with old friends and make new ones in every adventure, and let the OUTDOORS challenge you and test your limits. Come with Trail Adventours and Share. Life. Outdoors!.

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