Terms and Conditions


    Our slots are updated in real-time. If and when the slot status is smaller than the number you wish to reserve it is best to contact us. Slots may be adjusted depending on the trip and confirmed participants.


    Participants who have registered are required to pay the 60% down payment or the full payment to confirm their reservation. We allot 5 days for this.

    For international hikes, all payments should be settled 30 days before the hike date.


    Remaining balance will be paid on the climb date.


    Participants who do not pay the required down payment during the prescribed time frame will have their slots forfeited. We will be sending a follow up letter days before the deadline for reminders. Should the participant fail to respond, slots will automatically be forfeited.


    Cancellation should be done via email. Cancellation via text message or via phone will not be acknowledged and honored.

  6. Domestic Trips
    a. If cancelled month(s) to 11 working days before the event.
    An amount of P500 will be deducted from the initial payment. All other payments will be refunded.
    b. If cancelled ten (10) working days or less before the schedule of a trip:
    No refunds will be issued. Participant however can transfer his/her slot and payment to his/her proxy.
    *Transferring payment to another participant on the trip is not allowed.

    International Trips
    Only fees that can be cancelled shall be returned.


    a.) Transferring of payment to another participant of the same climb is not allowed.
    b.) Transferring of slot/payment to another trip or in the same trip destination is allowed if we are informed 11 working days before the climb date. Under these circumstances, a minimum amount of P500 will be charged for the transfer.
    c.) Re-scheduling or transferring is only allowed once.
    d.) All payments are non-transferable to another trip 10 working days before the climb date.
    e.) Participant however can transfer his/her slot and payment to his/her proxy.


    a.) Payments are refunded in full if the climb/event is cancelled by Trail Adventours due to weather and any other circumstances beyond our control.
    *Cancellation may be done days/one day before the climb date. For this, participants have the option to transfer payment to another trip, transfer payment to the re-scheduled trip or to ask for a full refund.
    *When trip is ongoing and cancelled on the day, Trail Adventours will issue a refund with deductions of fees for suppliers who have already been paid.
    b.) Trail Adventours shall not issue a refund when a participant does not make it on the climb date and decides on the last minute not to join.
    c.) Trail Adventours shall not issue a refund when a participant does not make it on time; does not make it on the trip.
    d.) Trail Adventours has the right to reschedule the climb if number of guests’ falls below the required minimum number of participants. Payments made can be transferred or refunded.


    Waiver Policy
    Trail Adventours requires its participants to understand and sign upon registration a waiver. This is can be seen on all pages for every mountain destination.


    A hike may be canceled by the organizers prior to the hike in the event of severe weather disturbance or any security risk . In this case, a full refund or reschedule will be given to participants. However, once a hike has commenced participants agree to share in costs or expenses incurred during the hike in the event that the hike is to be aborted due to sudden weather or security risks or other unforeseen issues.