Get to Know an Adventurer #1: Belle Acasio-Sweet at the outside, Tough from the inside

Trail Adventours Intern Camz Rosales interviews Bell Acasio on her begnings and continuings in mountain climbing 

Despite her sweet nature, Ate Belle, as we fondly call her, is actually a very tough and determined person when it comes to hiking. I met her during my first hike in Batangas, and she was able to give me a lot of really helpful tips during the climb. She seemed to really know her stuff when it comes to hiking and so it surprised me when she told me that she wasn’t an outdoor person to begin with.
Ate Belle wanted to challenge herself and be active as she tried to do different outdoor activities. She tells she was actually part of a swim club before she tried hiking. When I asked what made her want to try hiking, she said that she was curious about hiking – specifically about why people hike and so decided to try it for herself. She soon found out that not only was hiking a good physical activity, it also provided her an opportunity to appreciate nature better.  “I realized that I've been missing a lot. There's so much beauty to explore and discover out there.” she says. For Ate Belle, hiking has also turned out to be a great experience, something definitely worth the while. She adds, “Unlike before where I spend my weekends on malling, shopping and spa treatments, I realized I would rather spend it in experiencing the beauty of nature. I feel I owe it to myself. “
Ate Belle had first hiked with Ayala Mountaineers and UP Mountaineers before finding out about Trail Adventours through a friend last year. By then she had already developed a liking for the outdoor life. So far, Ate Belle has gone on more than ten hikes with Trail Adventours. Majority of her hikes are with Trail Adventours and she proudly shares that some of these mountains are Mt. Apo and Mt. Pulag. She tells of the beautiful view at the summit, and that even though the trails are a definitely more difficult, the sunrise and sunset at the top makes the climb totally worth it.
For Ate Belle, besides being able to conquer the challenge of climbing a mountain, she finds that hiking is a really good way to meet new people. She enjoys making new friends and sharing the experience with them. In fact, she was a great help in guiding me down the trail. She tells me as we are climbing down the mountain, “Ganyan din ako nung una – maingat at hesitant pa. Pero eventually, nasanay na ako tapos tuloy tuloy na mula doon.” (“I was just like that before – very careful and hesitant. But eventually, I got the hang of it and I continued from there.”)  From one who was not into outdoor activities before, Ate Belle has truly come a long way into going beyond her limitations and comfort zones as she now plans to pursue her new found love for hiking and take up Basic Mountaineer Course in a few months.