Mt. Pulag-Akiki


FUN AT Mt. Pulag-Akiki

Trail Difficulty: 7/10

Adventure Duration: 3 day/s

Mount Pulag has earned the distinction of being the highest peak throughout Luzon. There are several trails that can be taken in order to reach the summit of Mt. Pulag. These trails vary according to difficulty, length and features.  One of the most famous trails of Mt. Pulag is known as the Akiki trail. This is considered as one of the most challenging routes in Mt. Pulag. In fact, Akiki trail has been labeled as a ‘killer trail’ because of its steep and ultimately challenging path. Akiki trail consists of 60-70 degree slopes.
Aside from the fact that Akiki trail is considered as the ‘hardcore’ level climb, it is also a place where you can experience the diverse trail of pine forest, mossy forest and grass lands in a more in depth fashion. Witness both the sunset and the sunrise from the summit as your second camp is just minutes away from Luzon's highest point. When the adventure is over you can boast of this amazing achievement of reaching Mt. Pulag via the Killer Trail.

Please be informed that a Medical Certificate is a must for all hikers as a policy by the DENR. Thank you. 


Day 1
09:00 PM Meet up and Registration at the Victory Liner bus station, Pasay Terminal. (Day 0)
10:00 PM Depart for Baguio City. (Day 0)
04:00 AM Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Baguio. Depart for DENR. Breakfast along the way. (Day 1)
05:30 AM Breakfast stop and purchase packed lunch. Continue drive to DENR.
07:00 AM ETA DENR. Orientation.
08:00 AM Continue ride to Kabayan.
09:00 AM ETA Jump-Off Point, Kabayan. Lunch. Final packing and orientation.
10:00 AM Start Trek.
12:00 PM Arrive at Eddet River. Lunch.
01:00 PM Start ascent to Marlboro country.
04:30 PM ETA Marlboro Country Camp site. Set Camp.
07:30 PM Dinner.
09:00 PM Lights out
Day 2
05:30 AM Wake up call. Breakfast.
06:30 AM Break camp and prepare to trek.
08:00 AM Start trek.
10:30 AM Enter Mossy Forest. Lunch along the way.
03:00 PM ETA Saddle Camp. Set Camp
05:00 PM Optional Summit assault to watch sunset.
05:30 PM ETA Summit.
06:30 PM Descend back to camp site.
07:30 PM Dinner.
09:00 PM Lights out.
Day 3
04:00 AM Wake up call. Light breakfast.
05:00 AM Start trek to summit.
05:30 AM ETA Summit. Sunrise viewing.
07:00 AM Start descent back to camp.
07:30 AM Arrive back at camp.Breakfast and break camp.
09:00 AM Start descent to Ranger Station.
01:00 PM Arrive at Ranger Station. Board jeep to lunch stop.
01:30 PM Lunch and Tidy up.
03:00 PM Depart for Baguio.
07:00 PM ETA Baguio. Dinner and souvenir shopping.
09:00 PM ETD for Manila.
03:00 AM ETA Manila. (Day 4)



Roundtrip bus transportation:  Manila-Baguio 
Roundtrip Chartered Monster Jeepney: Baguio-Mt.Pulag 
Camp meals (Day 1: Dinner, Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Day 3: Breakfast and Lunch)
Tent accommodation
Registration fees, environmental and cultural fees
Adventure Guide/ Coordinator
Local Guide Fees
Certificate of Conquest 
Trail Adventours Mt. Pulag Shirt
Trail Adventours ID 




Please email for any inquries and booking.


  • Clothes good enough for the adventure
  • Jacket (2 kinds is adviced. A fleece/cotton jacket for the cold and a water resistant jacket for when you move around camp)
  • Cold Protection Things (Bonnet, gloves etc..)
  • Rainoat/Poncho
  • Sun Protection things (Cap, sunblock etc..)
  • Headlight/Flashlight and extra batteries
  • Sleeping bag
  • Mess Kit/ Things for eating (tupperware,mug, spoon and fork)
  • Trail Food and Emergency Food
  • Toiletries
  • Personal Medicines
  • Extra Plastic bags for dirty clothes and garbage
  • Water (for personal consumption)
  • Camera
  • Deposit slip/PayPal payment confirmation and balance
  • Waiver
  • Eartpad/Yoga Mat(optional)
  • Utility Knife (optional)
  • The Spirit of Adventure!


  • Tent
You can download our waiver here.
Waiver (PDF)

1. How do we get there?

2. Is the climb ideal for beginners?

3. Are there restrooms?

4. Is there a water source? 

Destination Date Remaining Slot(s) Status
Mt. Pulag-Akiki Feb 23,2019 - Feb 25,2019 6 Active
Mt. Pulag-Akiki Apr 19,2019 - Apr 21,2019 18 Active

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