Mt. Sipit Ulang & Payaran Falls

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FUN AT Mt. Sipit Ulang & Payaran Falls

Trail Difficulty: 3/10

Adventure Duration: 1 day/s

Mt. Sipit Ulang which translates into "Crab's Claw" is another popular hiking destination in the Province of Rizal. During the morning a light mist envelopes the mountain making walking cool and refresshing. The trails of this hike are interesting and exciting as most of it are limestones that passes through beautiful rock formations and forests. Another exciting aspect of hiking Mt. Sipit Ulang is the short cave connection you pass through on your way to the summit in which one needs to crawl and scramble to get through. The mountain also has a stream which is most alive in times where there are rainy days.

As with most mountains situiated in the province of Rizal one is rewarded with a stunning view of the Sierra Madre Mountain range with Mt. Ayaas and Mt Binacayan rising with prominence amidst the other peaks. The summit also houses a unique rock formation in which one can take creative photos on.

A hike to Mt. Sipit Ulang is ideal for those starting out in their hiking and mountain climbing carerers as the trail is maneagable and offers a diversity of features that a first time will enjoy.



Day 1
03:00 AM Meet up and Registration at McDonald's El Pueblo, Ortigas.
03:30 AM Depart for Mt. Sipit Ulang, Rizal.
04:30 AM Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Mt. SipitUlang jump off point.
04:45 AM Final preparations and orientation.
05:00 AM Start trek.
06:00 AM ETA Cave trail.
09:30 AM ETA Summit area. Rock exploration.
10:30 AM Descend via circuit trail.
12:30 PM ETA jump off point. Lunch.
01:30 PM Depart for Payaran falls.
02:30 PM ETA Payaran Falls.
03:30 PM Depart back to jump off point.
05:00 PM ETA jump off point. Wash up.
05:30 PM Depart for Manila.
09:00 PM ETA Manila.



Roundtrip transportation via private vehicle: Manila-Mt. Sipit Ulang, Rizal 
Registration, entrance and DENR fees
Trail Adventours Adventure Guide/Coordinator
Local Guide Fees
Trail AdvenTours ID




Please email for any inquries and booking.
  • Clothes good enough for the hike (change of clothes after the hike)
  • A good pair of trekking shoes
  • Gloves
  • Sun and Rain Protection (Sun Block, rain coat, shades, cap etc..)
  • Water or rehydration fluids(prescribed is 2-3L)
  • Extra clothes and clothes for swimming
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Personal Medications
  • Snacks (Trail Food) 
  • Headlamp/ Flashlight
  • ?Remaining Balance and Deposit Slip
  • Extra plastic
  • Camera 
You can download our waiver here.
Waiver (PDF)

1. Is this hike ideal for beginners?

Yes, Mt. Sipit Ulang is graded as a level 3 hike and thus ideal for begginers. But still bear in mind that hiking is a physical activity involving long walks and will still have a certain degree of mental and physical challenge involved.


2. How difficult is the hike?

As compared to other mountain this hike is easy. The hike is not too long but will take time because of the parts in which we will have to be extra carefull due to limestones we will have to pass through.

3. I heard that there are locations in the Philippines with insurgencies, is Mt. Sipit Ulang safe?
It is very much safe and a lot of hikers visit this place. The local government is also firmly in control of the area.

4. Are there restrooms/toilets on the mountain
There are toilets/restooms only at the jump-off point but none on the mountain itself. If you have to do you "business" you have to find your spot and dispose of your waste properly.

5. Is there mobile signal on the mountain?
There is good mobile signal is most parts of the mountain. Certain areas those especially in the lower slopes of the mountain where there is no signal.

6. Are ther porters I can hire to bring my bag?
Yes there are porters that charge to bring your bag for a fee.

7. Is it hot or cold on the mountain? how hot or cold can it get?
Mt. Sipit Ulang can get a bit cold in the morning. Expect around 20 deg C. Later i the day it can get extermely hot and humid especially during mid-day.


1. How fit should I be to hike Mt. Batolusong?

Though the hike is considered "easy" you should still have a decent fitness level to hike this mountain.

2. What excercises can I do to prepare for this hike?
Doing long walks, climbing stairs with a bag and running are very good excercises to help you for this hike.

3. What should I wear during this hike?
Preferably where light and flexible clothing such as dry-fit shirts and hiking pants. Have a good pair of shoes either hiking shoes or cross trainers. Do not wear jeans and slippers and avoid wearing cotton shirts and sandals during the hike.

4. Are medical certificates required?
Medical Certificates are not required in Mt. Sipit Ulang but we encourage you to inform us of any injuries or medical conditions that may affect your hike. Please write them down when you register for this hike.

Force Majeure

1. Do hikes push through when the weather is not favorable?
In principle hikes continue rain or shine but in cases where weather is really bad hikes are called off. When a storm signal is raised in the area hikes are automatically cancelled. Hikes are also cancelled if there are issues of security or if the mountain is closed due rehabilitation.

2.How are we informed if the hike is cancelled?
A text message and email will be sent to you either by the Trail Adventours Management of your Adventure Guide. This is usually done the Wednesday before your hike. 

3. What options do we have if hikes are cencelled?
For cancelled hikes you are given the following options:

a. Transfer to another hike on the same weekend
b. Reschedule your hike either for the same mountain or for a different one
c. Complete refund 

Other Hike Matters

1. What if I can no longer continue with the hike?
Your Adventure Guides will manage your situation by allowing you to rest before assisting you to slowly get down the mountain.

2. Am I allowed to take a break? How often and how long should my breaks be?
Yes, your breaks will depend on your pace and capability. It is most advisable to walk slow and have fewer breaks rather than to walk fast and have many breaks. Rest stops usually take 5-10 minutes. Your Adventure Guides will also manage the hike so that there is a good hiking pace and ample rest stops.

3. What if I am slow?
Do not worry, an assigned sweeper is there to ensure that no one is left behind. He or she is required to arrive last all the time.

4. How many hikers are there in our group?
Typically here are around 15 hikers and we impose a maximum size of 24 hikers. Aside from your fellow participants you will have 1 Adventure Guide for every 6 participants. The management can also decide to put more Adventure Guides than usual to ensure safety and quality of the hike.



Destination Date Remaining Slot(s) Status
Mt. Sipit Ulang & Payaran Falls Feb 17,2019 14 Active

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