Mt. Pulag


FUN AT Mt. Pulag

Trail Difficulty: 4/10

Adventure Duration: 2 day/s

Mt. Pulag is one of the most famous mountains in the Philippines, standing proudly at 2922 meters above sea level. It has one of the richest biodiversity in the country, having vast forests full of pines, moss, and grass. It is a mountain worth climbing, both for its challenging trails and its natural beauty.

Trail Adventours offers the climb to the summit through the Ambangeg Trail. Camping* on the mountain is definitely a rewarding experience; you will constantly be surrounded by jaw-dropping views and embraced by the mountain’s cool air. Mt. Pulag offers visitors the thrill, fun, and reward they deserve.
*Please take note that camping is not allowed Friday-Monday.

Did you know?
The natives say that Mt. Pulag is the “playground of the gods.” It has the highest peak in
Luzon and is the third highest mountain in the Philippines.

Please be informed that a Medical Certificate is a must for all hikers as a policy by the DENR. Thank you. 


Day 1
09:00 PM DAY 0: Meet up and Registration at the Victory Liner bus station, Pasay Terminal.
10:00 PM Depart for Baguio City.
03:00 AM DAY 1: Arrive Baguio
03:45 AM Breakfast along Spring the way. Side trips(Ambuklao Dam, Jang Jang Hanging Bridge, and Daclan Sulfur Spring)
10:00 AM ETA D.E.N.R. Orientation
12:09 AM Lunch. Depart for Homestay.
01:30 PM ETA Homestay (Free Time)
05:30 PM Dinner
06:30 PM Lights out
Day 2
12:00 PM Wake-up call. Light meal. Depart for Ranger Station.
01:30 AM ETA Ranger Station. Start trek.
02:30 AM ETA Camp 1. Rest
03:45 AM ETA Camp 2. Rest
05:30 AM ETA Mt. Pulag Summit. Enjoy the view.
07:30 AM Descend back to Ranger Station
08:30 AM ETA Camp 2. Breakfast
12:10 PM ETA Homestay. Lunch and Wash-up.
02:00 PM ETD to Baguio City. Souvenir at DENR(optional)
05:30 PM ETA Baguio City. Free time. Market and Dinner.
09:30 PM ETD to Manila
03:30 AM DAY 3: ETA Manila



Roundtrip bus transportation:  Manila-Baguio 
Roundtrip Chartered Monster Jeepney: Baguio-Mt.Pulag 
One night stay at a Homestay
Meals (Day 1: Lunch and Dinner, Day 2: Light Breakfast(before the hike), Breakfast(at camp 2) and Lunch)
Registration fees, environmental and cultural fees
Adventure Guide/ Coordinator
Local Guide Fees
Certificate of Conquest 
Trail Adventours Mt. Pulag Shirt
Trail Adventours ID 





Please email for any inquries and booking.


  • Clothes good enough for the trip (Please take into account the shirt you will be receiving from Trail Adventours.)
  • A good pair of trekking shoes
  • Jacket (It is advised to have 2 jackets a cotton/fleece jacket for the cold and a water proof jacket)
  • Rain and Sun Protection (Sun block, shades, rain coat etc.)
  • Head Light
  • Water or rehydration fluids
  • Snack/ Trail Food
  • Trekking Pole
  • Toiletries (tissue, wet wipes, tooth brush etc.)
  • Camera
  • Personal medications
  • Slippers
  • Deposit slip and remaining balance
  • Waiver
  • Book donation (optional. This is for our 1 Book Project. We prefer books for elementary students) 

*Medical Certificate (MANDATORY)
*No need for tents 

You can download our waiver here.
Waiver (PDF)

1. How do we get to Mt. Pulag?
A 6 hour bus ride from Manila to Baguio then antother 4-5 hour Jeep ride to the Ranger Station, the jumpoff point of Mt. Pulag.

2.What transportation will be used?
The Victory Liner bus line.

3.Where is the bus station?
Bus station is located in Pasay, near the MRT/EDSA station. 

4. Is the climb hard?
Mt. Pulag has a dificulty of 4/10, 10 being the hardest. This may be relatively easy but one must be physiclly fit and healthy to hike Mt. Pulag. 

5.Is there cellphone signal?
Cellphone signal is intermittent. 

6.Where do we stay?
We will be staying on a homestay since camping is not allowed on the mountain as of the moment. 

7.What food will be served?
Since meals will be prepared by the locals, meals will vary depending on their availability. For vegitarians, we can prepare chopsuey (a mixture of vegetables) for them.  

8.How cold does it get?
Usually temperatures at night and early morning range from 10-15deg. If it rains it gets colder. there a toilet during the hike? 
There are toilets on each campsite but it's not modern. 

10.Can we take a bath before heading back to Baguio?
Yes. You may take a bath at the homestay before heading back to Baguio. 

11. I heard camping is not allowed in Mt. Pulag?
For rehabilitation purposes, the DENR has decided to prohibit camping. With this, we have decided to stay in Homestays located at the foot of Mt. Pulag. This would give us a proper place to rest as we trek very early in the morning for the summit assault. 

Destination Date Remaining Slot(s) Status
Mt. Pulag Oct 21,2017 - Oct 22,2017 No more slots available Fully Booked
Mt. Pulag Oct 28,2017 - Oct 29,2017 3 Active
Mt. Pulag Nov 03,2017 - Nov 04,2017 5 Active
Mt. Pulag Nov 04,2017 - Nov 05,2017 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Nov 11,2017 - Nov 12,2017 8 Active
Mt. Pulag Nov 18,2017 - Nov 19,2017 8 Active
Mt. Pulag Nov 25,2017 - Nov 26,2017 6 Active
Mt. Pulag Dec 01,2017 - Dec 02,2017 3 Active
Mt. Pulag Dec 02,2017 - Dec 03,2017 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Dec 09,2017 - Dec 10,2017 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Dec 16,2017 - Dec 17,2017 8 Active
Mt. Pulag Dec 23,2017 - Dec 24,2017 14 Active
Mt. Pulag Dec 27,2017 - Dec 28,2017 14 Active
Mt. Pulag Dec 28,2017 - Dec 29,2017 11 Active
Mt. Pulag Dec 29,2017 - Dec 30,2017 18 Active
Mt. Pulag Dec 30,2017 - Dec 31,2017 18 Active
Mt. Pulag Jan 06,2018 - Jan 07,2018 12 Active
Mt. Pulag Jan 13,2018 - Jan 14,2018 8 Active
Mt. Pulag Jan 20,2018 - Jan 21,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Jan 27,2018 - Jan 28,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Feb 03,2018 - Feb 04,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Feb 10,2018 - Feb 11,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Feb 24,2018 - Feb 25,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Mar 03,2018 - Mar 04,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Mar 10,2018 - Mar 11,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Mar 17,2018 - Mar 18,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Mar 24,2018 - Mar 25,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Mar 31,2018 - Apr 01,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Apr 07,2018 - Apr 08,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Apr 14,2018 - Nov 30,-0001 14 Active
Mt. Pulag Apr 21,2018 - Apr 22,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag Apr 28,2018 - Apr 29,2018 14 Active
Mt. Pulag May 05,2018 - May 06,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag May 12,2018 - May 13,2018 16 Active
Mt. Pulag May 19,2018 - May 20,2018 10 Active
Mt. Pulag May 26,2018 - May 27,2018 10 Active

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