Mt. Ugo


FUN AT Mt. Ugo

Trail Difficulty: 5/10

Adventure Duration: 2 day/s

Mt. Ugo, also sometimes referred to as Mt. Ugu, is considered as one of the most popular destinations in the Cordillera region. Unlike its neighbors, Mt. Pulag and Mt. Napulauan, Mt. Ugo has a lower elevation. Nevertheless, the mountain is at par with its neighbors when it comes to showcasing the beauty of nature. It boasts of enchanting forests that is home to tall pine trees and it also offers equally breath-taking views.
In the year 1987, an airplane of the Philippine Airlines crashed onto one of Mt. Ugo’s slopes that eventually led to the site’s discovery as an ideal place for hiking. From the date of its discovery, many mountain climbers have gone to explore the wonders that this traverse offers. This trail crosses two provinces, namely Nueva Vizcaya and Benguet. Mountaineerswill definitely have an unforgettable experience during this trip, especially once they interact with the locals.
Many adventure-seekers have proven that Mt. Ugo is definitely a great hiking destination. In terms of difficulty, the Mt. Ugo trail can be rated as moderately challenging. The allotted duration for this trip is two days.


Day 1
09:00 PM Meet up and Registration at Victory Liner, Kamuning Terminal. (Day 0)
10:00 PM Depart for Aritao, Nueva Vizcaya.
05:30 AM Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Aritao. Board Jeep to Kayapa, Mt Ugo jump off point. (Day 1)
07:00 AM ETA Jump off point. Breakfast. Purchase packed lunch and supplies.
08:30 AM Start Trek.
11:30 AM ETA Indupit Village. Lunch
01:00 PM Resume Trek.
04:00 PM ETA Domolpos Village. Arrange stay in Domolpos School. Rest and easy.
07:00 PM Dinner.
08:30 PM Lights out.
Day 2
03:30 AM Wake up call. Breakfast.
04:30 AM Start trek.
06:30 AM ETA Summit. Explore summit area. Enjoy.
08:30 AM Start descent.
11:30 AM Arrive at Old Saw Mill. Lunch
12:30 PM Continue descent.
01:00 PM ETA Lusod Village.
04:00 PM ETA Kawayan Village. Proceed to Barangay Hall.
05:00 PM Arrive at Barangay Hall. Wash up.
06:00 PM Depart for Baguio.
07:00 PM ETA Baguio. Dinner.
09:00 PM Depart for Manila.
03:00 AM ETA Manila. (Day 3)



Roundtrip bus transportation: Manila to Aritao, Baguio to Manila
Chartered Jeepney: Aritao to Mt. Ugo, Mt.Ugo to Baguio 
Camp Meals (Day 1: Dinner. Day 2: Breakfast and Lunch)
Accommodations in village
Registration and DENR fees
Adventure Guide/Coordinator 
Local Guide fees
Certificate of Conquest
Trail Adventours Shirt
Trail Adventours ID




Please email for any inquries and booking.
  • Clothes Good enough for the trip
  • Jacket
  • Sun, Rain and cold protection (Raincoat, Sunblock, Cap, Shades, gloves, bonnet etc..)
  • Sleeping Bag/Blanket
  • Head Light
  • Toiletries
  • Personal Medicines
  • Slippers/Sandals
  • Tupperware
  • Snacks

*No need for tents 

You can download our waiver here.
Waiver (PDF)

1. How hard/difficult is the climb?
The climb is placed at a level 6 out of 10. The leveling though is a subjective guide as other factors may affect difficulty. The trail is 30km and has 2 2-3 hour steep segments (one for each day) but the rest is relatively flat. The climb also does not require use of tents and other equipments.


2. How long is the Trail?
The whole traverse is around 30KM. You trek 12KM on the first day and 18KM on the second. On average you will walk 6 hours on day 1 and around 10 hours on day 2.


3. What preparations are needed for the climb?
First we need you to have god physical fitness. Jogging, long walks and using the stairs will very much help. Having able to climb before will also be of good help. As for equipment, there is no need for this, all you need are your personal things. Attending the pre-climb meeting is a must.

4. Is this climb ideal for beginners?
We don’t recommend this as your first climb but if you are confident about your fitness level and have an active lifestyle then this climb will be manageable for you.

5. How do we get to Mt. Ugo?
We travel via Bus to the Municipality of Aritao which will take around 6 hours. From there we ride a jeepney to the the town of Kayapa for around 2 hours.

6. How cold does it get?
At an average the temperature can drop to around 15deg C. But we ask you to prepare for temperatures below 10degas well.

7. Are there porters to bring our things?
Yes, you can hire porters at Php 400/day this is inclusive of their meals and accommodations. 

8. What meals will be served?
The meals are of local produce. The menu may include rice, pork, chicken and vegetables cooked in a broth. If you have dietary requirements (vegan, no pork, allergies etc..) please let us know so that we can prepare accordingly.

9. How big is the group?
On average we have 12-15 participants plus 2 guides joining this climb.

10. Is there a restroom?
A restroom and bathing area is available at the Camp (Domolpos Village) and other villages we will pass by. 

11. Are there water sources?
The villages are abundant with water which as potable. But if you are unsure about your tummy better bring your own drinking water. The water sources along the trails are scarce and may be dried up specially during summer.

12. I want to go back to Manila earlier, is this possible?
Yes, but this will depend on the pace of the group. Also you will have to line up as a chance passenger in the hopes of catching an earlier bus ride. There is an additional 10% charge for this as well.

13. What if it rains?
If a storm signal is raised in the area the climb is automatically called off. For other decisions on cancelation the management will announce this to everyone. In the instance of an unfortunate and unpredictable natural event or the like and the group is  already in the area the Team Leader is given authority to decide on these matters.

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