Mt.Ugo to Mt.Pulag Traverse

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For mountaineers that have conquered the toughest peaks Luzon has to offer but are still looking for a little extra: look no further than the Ugo-Pulag Traverse. This six-day, long distance trek takes you from Mt. Ugo (2,150 meters) on the border of Benguet and Neuva Vizcaya to the summit of Mt. Pulag (2,922 meters) – the highest point in all of Luzon – on a 90 kilometer trail spanning the rugged terrain of the Cordillera Mountains.

This “megatraverse” showcases the best of the Cordilleras: challenging ascents up steep slopes; strolls through enchanting mossy forests; pine trees as far as the eye can see; and breathtaking vistas all the way through. Expect to cross a dozen precarious hanging bridges, marvel at the occasional hidden waterfalls, and walk alongside the fabled rice terraces.

One aspect that sets this traverse apart from the others is its focus on culture. The trek utilizes “living trails” used by the locals and indigenous tribes in their day-today lives. Campsites are strategically located in several villages scattered throughout the route, allowing hikers to mingle with people and imbibe the way of life in the Cordilleras.

Whether you’re looking for a totally immersive mountain experience, or simply a good old-fashioned challenge, the Ugo-Pulag Traverse will definitely not disappoint.


All land transportation for the whole expedition: Manila-N.Vizcaya-Baguio-Manila
Processing of all permits
Registration fees, DENR fees, Indigenous fees and other aplicable fees
Adventure Guide/Coordinator who will join the expedition
Logistical support
Local Guides
Trail AdvenTours shirt
Trail AdvenTours ID

Itenerary Summary

Day 1:

Our entry point is Itogon, Benguet. A hanging bridge finalizes the start of our 6 day expedition which will immediately transcend into a rapid ascent thru pine forest and then woodland towards the summit. We will be ascending 1200 meters on this day and trek roughly 20km with the sceneries of Benguet and other cordillera destination on our side. We reach the summit just in time for the sunset. We will be spending the night at a local village, Domolpos village.

Day 2:

A trek from Domolpos Village to another village named Pangawan Village. This will be a gradual more relaxed trek thru another pine forest but will transform into mossy forest towards Pangawan Village also known as the boundary. We will be passing by 2 villages on this day. 

Day 3:

This will be another different trail. Unlike our first two days the first part of the trail will now require trekking on an established rough road used by vegetable trucks to make our way to Banao Village. On the way we will be passing by attractions like the Buwacalake, Dayap village, and waterfalls.

Day 4:

This is dubbed the Hanging bridge day due to the myriad of different types of hanging bridges that we will encounter. Our destination is another village called Balete village. Along the way peaks like Mt.Purgartory will be very visible. An interaction with the villagers is more assured on this day as the possibility of arriving in the village is early. 

Day 5:

The trail will be on wide rough roads then thru mossy forest then again back to pine forest. Today we will witness the Dumanlig Falls which clear waters directly cascades from the top to the pine forest as well as the entry point to Luzon’s highest peak, Mt.Pulag also known as the playground of the Gods. Our destination is Mt. Pulag’s camp 2 where we will pitch tent and spend the night with nothing but pure nature.

Day 6:

This is our summit assault day. We start before the sun rises and make it to the summit as we witness the Sun rising slowly in the horizon. On the way down marvel on its grass land and scenic beauty that surrounds.

  • Day 1

  • 05:06 AM Start trek

  • 05:06 AM ETA Nayao Lake

  • 05:00 AM Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya. (Day 1)

  • 05:30 AM ETD Bambang to Jump-Off Point

  • 07:30 AM ETA Jump-Off Point Breakfast. Purchase Packed Lunch and Supplies.

  • 08:30 AM Start Trek

  • 11:07 PM ETA Lusod Village

  • 12:15 PM Arrival at Old Sawmill. Lunch

  • 04:15 PM ETA Mt. Ugo Summit. Dinner. Social

  • Day 2

  • 05:30 AM Wake up call. Breakfast.

  • 08:00 AM Breakcamp

  • 10:00 AM Arrival at Domolpos village

  • 12:00 AM ETA Indupit village. Lunch

  • 04:00 PM ETA Pangawan village /set up camp

  • 06:00 PM Rest. Dinner. Socials

  • Day 3

  • 05:06 AM Wake up call. Breakfast

  • 05:06 AM Start trek

  • 05:06 AM ETA Nayao Lake

  • 11:30 PM Hike Mt. Ambasa

  • 12:30 PM ETA Mt. Ambasa’s slopes. Lunch

  • 04:30 PM ETA Banao village

  • 06:30 PM Rest. Dinner. Socials

  • Day 4

  • 05:30 AM Wake up call. Breakfast

  • 07:30 AM Start trek

  • 10:00 AM ETA Cabayo VIllage

  • 12:30 PM ETA Sitio Abat. Lunch

  • 04:15 PM ETA Balete Village

  • 06:00 PM Rest. Dinner. Socials

  • Day 5

  • 05:00 AM Wake up call. Breakfast

  • 06:00 AM Dumanling falls

  • 08:00 AM Breakcamp

  • 09:00 AM Start Trek

  • 12:00 AM Lunch

  • 02:30 PM ETA Babadak school

  • 03:00 PM ETA Babadak Ranger Station

  • 05:30 PM ETA Mt. Pulag Camp 2

  • 06:30 PM Rest. Dinner. Socials

  • Day 6

  • 04:00 AM Wake up. Light breakfast

  • 05:00 AM Summit assault

  • 05:45 AM ETA Mt. Pulag summit

  • 07:00 AM Start descent

  • 08:00 AM Camp 2. Breakfast

  • 09:00 AM Resume descent

  • 10:30 AM Back at Ranger Station. Wash up

  • 12:00 PM Jeep back to Bokod

  • 04:00 PM Back to Baguio

  • 04:00 PM ETA in Baguio. Dinner.

Terms and Conditions

  • Clothes good enough for the trip (Please take into account the shirt you will be receiving from Trail Adventours.)
  • A good pair of trekking shoes
  • Jacket (It is advised to have 2 jackets a cotton/fleece jacket for the cold and a water proof jacket for when you walk at the camp site.)
  • Rain and Sun Protection (Sun block, shades, rain coat etc.)
  • Head Light
  • Water or rehydration fluids
  • Tupperware/ Eating utensils
  • Snack/ Trail Food
  • Trekking Pole
  • Toiletries (tissue, wet wipes, tooth brush etc.)
  • Camera
  • Personal medications
  • Slippers
  • Deposit slip and remaining balance
  • Book donation (optional. This is for our 1 Book Project. We prefer books for elementary students) 

* Tents are needed. You have an option to rent from us or bring your own.
Please e-mail us at info@trailadventours for tent and sleeping bag rental.



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